"Strategy is the appropriate allocation of time, technology and resources to create a sustainable competitive position in the marketplace today and tomorrow; easy to say, hard to do."
- from 3SI Strategy Invention Methods

Consulting Services

Three Strategies, as its name implies is about the development of Strategy. This approach is industry agnostic. Consulting engagements are designed for senior executives who are responsible for developing strategy for their companies. Each engagement usually requires a year to complete: 12 individual engagements over the course of a year. Each meeting usually lasts 2 to 4 hours and is conducted at a location of your choosing, whether on the road or at your office. Meeting times can be flexible enough to accommodate any busy schedule.

Select the “Schedule an Engagement” link to the left, and fill out the form provided. You may also contact me via my e-mail address. Please include a time for us to have an initial phone conversation to establish whether my services will be a fit for your needs. If so, I will provide you with several references.

Prior to our first engagement, I ask that you please contact one of my current customers. This step is designed for you to be able to ask candid questions regarding the value of my service. All of my customers are under NDA and will not be able to discuss their projects or terms of their agreements; however, they should be able to provide you sufficient information for you to feel comfortable in getting started.

If at any time you feel that you are not getting the value you expected, you may cancel our agreement by simply notifying me by e-mail.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

William J. Babcock


He has a proven CEO temperament and personality as described by the popular Meyers-Briggs personality type-profiling book. He is experienced in business development, team building, and executive-level communications. He has played a major role and was integral in developing a $2 billion-plus global retail market segment for Hewlett-Packard, beginning with Wal-Mart.

Specific Areas of My Experience Encompass:

A Futurist Strategic Planning
Executive Skill Sets Training and Development
Re-engineering and Cost Reductions
Team Leadership
Value Proposition Creation Acquisitions and Divestitures
Creating Marketing Strategy Market Analysis

The following are examples of just three companies he has created using the rare combination of both his strategic presence of mind and his execution abilities. While maintaining his day job, his experience, reasoning, and planning abilities have paved the way for the conception and creation of these three diverse and successful companies:

Founder and CEO of LeConcierge, Inc. - Created and developed a new business from idea to operation in just 3 months, including business plan, building design and construction, hiring of staff, marketing plan, technology infrastructure, to revenue generation.

Founder and CEO of Paradigm Corporation - Successfully sold and built $2 million worth of steel-frame homes in 3 years and the start-to-finish development of a 53 lot subdivision.

Founder and CEO of ThreeStrategies, Inc. - An executive consulting company formed on the basis of his years of sales and consulting experience. These years of experience have produced his strategy development methodologies and the foundation for his consulting practice.

In The Art of the Hidden Strategy, Babcock traces the evolution of technology from a mere “operational improvement,” to a prerequisite to competing globally, or even competing at all. The critical traits to business survival are overcoming an innate resistance to change, using technology effectively, recognizing opportunity, and flexibility
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